we create your wedding with a simple formula- equal parts soul and equal parts caffeine

Ladies and Gentleman, please help me welcome to the page, Mrs. Meghan Weber. Okay, too much? Were my Wedding DJ roots coming out? I guess that’s what happens when you’ve contributed to over 100 weddings and grow up with a speaker pressed to your ear. Short to say-Weddings have been my life for 7 years.

More than the mundane looks &
unimaginative designs

What you’ll take away

It's in the name, do we have to say it? Of course, we want you to feel adored.

But, Adoria actually means, “a gift" we want you to feel like this process and it's outcome is a gift. Most importantly, we want you to feel cared for, and doted on. When I hired a coordinator for my OWN out of town wedding (my first out of three wedding dates due to COVID) because I was balancing work, finishing my degree and living out of state and planning a wedding in an unfamiliar area, I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders. And that's what we want for you. So what will you take away? Actually, it’s actually about what you won’t take away. And that’s the weight on your shoulders and the pressure in your chest that you felt when you first came to us.

i want that feeling

I can't recall what year it was but I was attending a cousin's wedding, and peacock feathers were in-which to this day is
a perfect reflection of her personality.

Everything came together so perfectly, the DJ was electric and the couple was so elated, and to this day, people talk about their wedding. That was about 13 years ago? Fast forward to 7 years ago, I'm shadowing a wedding DJ in Omaha for the best DJ company In the area that was expanding out from Des Moines and into NE. The first wedding I walked into was a black tie affair, and the room lit up, and I swear it all just felt like luxury. The couple's go to do their toasts, they're thanking their vendors & start tearing up. I knew then I wanted to do weddings, forever.

It wasn't long after I began DJ-ing that I wanted to dive deeper into the wedding world. I worked at a couple venues in town to immerse myself deeper into the planning experience. Being a DJ, I was familiar with the importance of a timeline and coordination, but I wanted to know more about the entire day's process and to manage more behind the scenes. Through falling in love with these experiences, I closed the chapter on my DJ and Venue Manager life and opened up a new chapter as an Event Assistant for a Full-Service Planning company that was rooted in what it meant to be a classic & true full-service planner (shout out to you Carrie Dayton). But when I left the wedding world And like anyone will tell you, all good things come to an end. But when I stepped away from the wedding world and invested more time into careers geared toward my marketing degree, I felt such a void. When I moved to North Carolina, it was my chance to start fresh, take that jump and leap of faith and just go for it. I knew that I learned so much from my past, and there's always something to learn in the future, but that the chance was mine for the taking. There's not a shortage of amazing
and beautiful wedding planners here, but there's also never a shortage of amazing engaged couples who are my kind of folks. And because of you ( the powerful and beautiful individual reading this) I’m able to live out this chapter.

It’s important to note that I don’t just solely rely on caffeine, like I’ve led you to believe up until this point.

I credit every bit of my power to the women in my life (and I guess one man). My mother (Corinne Leslie), my mother-in-law (Denise), Sisters (Lauren and Sammi, and in-law Sara) have empowered me and strengthened me to achieve my goals and overcome every obstacle to be where I am today. While my assistant Brianna is my Life-Line in my business, our aura comes from my Grandmother Jessie Mae. A lipstick, a perm, pearl earrings and Chanel No. 5 were her signatures and she's the reason why we must radiate elegance, class, and luxury, even in our Weddings that make you feel like you're Live with the Beatles in 1966. Jessie was strong, loved fiercely, and knew how to make one good slice of sourdough toast. And I cannot credit my girl, the Breville Espresso Machine (yes, I'm talking about caffeine again), enough. If you know the value of a good espresso, you just know.

This is all to say…

I know you value the people in your life just as much as I do. Your family, whoever that is to you, are your peace- keepers.

They keep you happy, make you feel valued, and keep you at your center. What would make us the happiest is if you were able to keep those people with you by your side on your wedding day, all day long. You want to remember your wedding day as being surrounded by the people you cherish, stress and worry-free.

work with us

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